At AMTRUCK, we understand that the only sustainable advantage in trucking company over its competitors is the quality of its workforce. That is why we pride to hire and retain the best and brightest minds in the trucking industry. It takes more than intelligence alone to have a great career here at AMTRUCK. It takes personal accountability and loyalty. At AMTRUCK the success lies in the individuals who work here or an Agent / Driver associated with our company. A personal commitment to provide our customers world-class service is what our career success.

We offer an excellent work environment, exposure to best practices, best package and career growth. We also offer an opportunity to make a personal difference in helping our company succeed. At AMTRUCK everyone's contribution matters.

AMTRUCK may be a great fit for you, if you are interested in advancing your career by joining a company that rewards performance, fosters a culture of core values. I encourage you to learn more about our career opportunity and to consider your future with us.

Thank you for your interest in AMTRUCK and for visiting our Careers pages. Best wishes on your JOB search and for business opportunity as an AGENT or OWNER cum OPERATOR.

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President & CEO
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