American Logistics Express known as AMTRUCK, has flourished and grown by focusing on its core competencies in logistics coupled with significant investment in IT solutions. Since its formation of its own transport division AMTRUCK provides a highly qualified team of high-end technology and business consultants focused on bringing demonstrable value to our clients. AMTRUCK getting into new market sectors such as automotive, FMCG and e-commerce as well as enhancing the choice of geographic locations to our clients. Trust built from focusing to our customers needs make AMTRUCK an integral part of our customer’s day-to-day business and their future growth plans. AMTRUCK performance is carefully monitored and managed for optimum results.

Unmatched Client Service
Having a powerful relationship with a supplying partner is crucial within the transportation business. we tend to take nice pride in building lasting relationships and making win-win things for our customers and carriers. With unexampled client service, American Logistics Express can work together with your company to extend potency and cut back costs. After all, your business is our business.
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